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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tips of getting the best Massage in Central London

Usually, we have a misconception that if you are getting a massage in central London from a professional, whatever they will say will always be correct. At this point, we should also focus on the old adage which is a consumer is always right. Obviously, you want to work with an experienced therapist. But that does not mean that the particular areas where you don’t require a massage you should get one. Just because a therapist is saying so you should get it.
massage in central London

An experienced massage therapist will always listen to your requirements and then apply the techniques that will match your needs. An inexperienced therapist will force you to get something which you do not desire. And at that moment you should say ‘no’. If you are not sure about what massage therapy to get. You should first have a detail discussion with your experts.
The massage you are getting should satisfy your needs. You will get a sense when you call a specific company to schedule your massage, that whether it is going to work or not. Do not hesitate in asking about their experience and credentials.
Moreover, talk to the specific company client and ask for their experience of getting services from them. You can also schedule a visit to that therapist place and analyze whether the place is clean, relaxing and appropriate for getting a massage.
When the massage therapist beings its massage they should inform you that whenever you feel like a certain part of the body needs more pressure, you should inform them. A good massage therapist will never ask you thousands of questions or tell their past stories to you when giving a massage in central London. It is not considered as professional.

Balance London provides excellent massage services to its valued customers all over in central London. So when you need a massage contact them.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Perfectly Relaxing Back Massage Services in London

Need a relaxing, tension free time? Need to freshen up your back? Well, get a back massage in London from the renowned and reliable salons of Balance London, adding a balance in your life! A back’s importance is not hidden from anyone. No one can disagree on all the things a back does. This vital part of the body supports the entire body and upholds it to define its posture. A difference between a healthy back and an unhealthy back is not only clearly visible but it goes a long way. If your back is not kept in a good condition, or if it is not taken care of then it will start having problems. This essential part of our body, if not looked after, will affect your performance and efficiency to much extent.

Have A Healthy Back:

This is why you need to take care of your back’s health and regularly keep a check on it. Everyone nowadays gets back ache once in a life time at some point on their life. Maybe, it is because of the lack of exercise or constant siting and bad eating habits. You need to consider and work on its solutions before it gets out of hand and harmful for you. We understand that at times you can be quite stressed out and have stiff and constrained muscles. This can cause inconvenience for your back. Back massage London is the perfect solution to rid of the back pain and any tensed up muscles.

This massage is highly beneficial as it helps you relax the tensed muscles and eliminate the knots. You should try our back massage to avoid any consequences or prolonged effects. We can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of getting this massage. You can instantly feel the difference in your body and experience the benefits of this massage. There are no harmful or side effects of this natural and efficient solution to back aches and muscle strains.

Back massages were initiated years ago. Over the year it has changed and evolved a lot! Whether it is the massaging technique or style, everything has changed and somewhat improved as well. Our well experienced and highly skilled practitioners decided to take the good parts from this entire evolution. They added some new inputs to give you the best and most effective massage ever. Their professionalism is seen in every step of the process.

Our Process:

This process is started with a session which basically interviews the client to know about them.We inquire the history of their physical health, their current condition and why the want it, how bad they need it and what is the main purpose of getting it. We get to know how to mold our massage according to your specifications after this inquiry.Lastly, we plan the massage for you, we can guarantee that no other massage will be as suitable as this one.

Customization Of Massage:

No one can understand it better than us that each pain is different from the other so not everyone can be relieved from the same back massage. This customized massage not only stops the pain from spreading, which is quite likely to happen, but it also treats it. Our well trained professionals take care of that and plan your massage accordingly. Our technique, style, method of this back massage directly depends on what you need. 

Main techniques include kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping and massage with their hands, fingers, palms and even elbows sometimes. This massage will surely relieve you with any chronic or accidental pain and give you a freshened up back that is completely relaxed.

Since it is a highly beneficial massage, it has some other major effects like it improves sleep, increases your natural mood boosters (the endorphins). Also, it majorly contributes in correcting the back posture which can further lead to many problems. Your uneasy and inconvenience causing back can be cured and turn into an energized and healthy body. Our tactful professionals are waiting to give you a smooth and the best back massage in London.So get relieved of any back related problem or pain with our highly effective and highly beneficial massage!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Get The Most Effective Sport Massage Services in London

Sportsmen are not as healthy and fit as they might seem. They go through massages and trainings all the time. To get the best sports massage in London, we are the most obvious choice.
‘Sports’ is one of the biggest and ever expanding industries that can never diminish. As more and more people are getting inclined towards this industry, there are more competitions in the line. We want to make sure that these sportsmen do their best in these competitions. Our massage is basically to prepare and relax you.

Massages are without a doubt very beneficial. There are so many types of massages nowadays. Every massage has a specific purpose and specific benefits that come with it. Sports massages London is a special natural cure for fatigue muscles and every kind of injury. This is a treat for the athletes and professional sportsmen; including the once in a week joggers. These highly beneficial massages are the best choice for you and we will tell you why!


We all know the importance of physical exercise. We all promote it and encourage everyone to keep this practice for a healthy life style. But like everything, physical exercise has a specific, neutral way of being conducted. It will not be of any benefit if not conducted correctly. Consistency is very important in exercise. You can’t just start vigorously exercising after so many days and then don’t follow up on that for further days. Your body needs to get in practice of this big change in your routine. If you find the right balance and consistency then it is going to prove to be the best thing for you!

Every sportsman is regularly putting in a lot of hard work and getting trained and getting massages all the time. They need to get their body in a fit and healthy shape and condition in order to perform to their maximum. The bodies you idolize are achieved by regularly getting the sports massage and continuing such exercise or work out. Our sports massage, by our highly qualified practitioners is the best and immediate solution that works as a treatment for the injuries and any sort of muscle strains and fatigues.


Like our every massage is tailored according to you and your specifications and needs, this too has some boundaries to follow. A customized plan is made in accordance to your health condition. The purpose for getting the massage and the level of the need for this massage is very important to know. Similarly, it is very important to know the type of sports being played, in order to self-tailor the massage for anyone. And since everyone is different, we respect their individuality. We give ample attention, time and care to you and plan your massage that is the best and most suitable for you. Even the pressure is decided by you so you are not given pressure more than what you can tolerate.

Our excellently trained and experienced professionals try to find that perfect balance between taking along the old techniques and methods, and trying out the new and improved ones. This ensures that you will attain that perfection in your sports massage and enjoy that perfectly designed massage. The main techniques are the long strokes, kneading, tapping, circular movements of hands and anything that is appropriate to be used or amended.
The two focal points at which you need this massage are the pre event and the post event.


·       As the name suggests, pre event massage is for before any competition or vigorous exercise.
·       This is used to keep your body condition under controlled and your nerves, calm.
·       This warm up and relaxing reduces the chance of any muscle injury or tissue damage.
·       It also makes you perform better, up to your maximum potentials by storing up the energy until the competition.

·      On the other hand, post event massage is a massage that you get after an event that is high on physical activity.
·       This is used to relax and bring back the oxygen and blood level.
·       It also helps with the muscle soreness and inflammation and easing up the muscle stretches.

How exciting is it that you will get experienced and the best practitioners who will take good care if all your needs and give you the best sports massage in London. So without any further wait, visit us now!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Swedish massage London - Best and Affordable Massage Services

One of the most famous and highly beneficial massages is the Swedish massage London. As the name suggests, it was originated in Sweden. It is a must try for everyone but a highly recommended for the first timers. This is the best massage that is so effective that it gives its results instantly.This massage is perfect for boosting up the oxygen in the blood, reducing the muscle toxins and pains easing the tension and eliminates the knots. And do you know what a couple of massages can do? It can cure even chronic pains which are very severe. So you can analyze from here that it is not perfect for relaxation purposes but it works wonders for your health as well.

To give you the best Swedish massage in London, Balance London makes sure that it hires only capable, experienced and professional practitioners. We make sure that these highly qualified practitioners use unique and distinct techniques that they drive from the combination of old techniques and new and modern ones. This way we can make our massages the best and the most effective massages ever. The massage in particular is a mix of smooth, gliding long strokes, firm kneading, bending and applied pressure by the palms and fingers.

Our professionals who possess expertise in this specific massage are trained to listen to your specifications with all the concentration and attend you accordingly. They make sure they know some things about you before the massage. They will inquire your physical condition, health, purpose of the massage and the intensity at which you need the massage. After analyzing your point they will put the appropriate pressure on it only as much as you can bear.

Other than that, we have high standards and quality of massages. We are determined to get the goal for you and remove any sort of problem that you are having. We understand how delicate a body and its muscles and nervous system can be. Hence, we have skilled and experienced professionals who take proper care of how the massage should be conducted.To enhance your experience, we use the best quality massaging oils which are completely organic and side effect free. This encourages in smooth strokes and gives off a smoother and a more nourished body. The oils we use have excellent aromas that help in elevating your mood instantly.

Other than that, our dim lights, friendly staff and low key music creates a very calming, peaceful and comfortable environment that makes your massaging experience a rather memorable one. So what are you waiting for? Call us now or simply walk in to our salon and get this highly beneficial Swedish massage in London.

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Best Deep Tissue Massage in London - Balance London

Deep tissue massage London is the ultimate massage that is excellent for releasing different types of pains such as chronic pain, eliminating the consistent tension and knots in the muscles.The main focus of this massage is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints and hence puts deeper pressure. The difference of the intensity of the pressure on the targeted areas distinct it from Swedish massages.

It is no doubt a very old massage that has been going on and on for so many years. We have taken the best methods and techniques of this massage from the years it has evolved from and in cooperated new and improved methods that prove to be the absolute best and most effective for you.We take information of our client first; what is their physical and health condition is, what is the purpose of their massage and the intensity of their pain. Then we formulate an appropriate plan for the client’s massage. Deep tissue massage London is best for pains in the lower back, neck and the shoulder areas.

This massage is highly beneficial. Some other very important benefits of this massage includes: helping in lowering the high blood pressure, reducing high level of anxiety and stress, breaking up the scar tissues, minimizing arthritis symptoms, and help in inducing labor pain and in delivery.
These massages give you the best results when done using some lubricants, in order to minimize friction. It helps in attaining a smooth massage and our very effective massaging oils and lotions help relieve the pain. These oils are organic and very nice smelling.

Our team consists of highly qualified and well experienced practitioners who give premium care and attention to their customers. They are highly skilled professionals who provide you an amazing and thoroughly relaxing time while having their massage. The practitioners are very keen is delivering perfection and skilled expertise.

Our excellent deep tissue massage London is one of the crowd favorites. Our customers are very happy with our services. We make sure that we give them satisfactory massages and as a result they regularly get our massages and even try different massages. Our customers are so delighted from us that they recommend us to others as well.

We have an excellent record of curing customers. We are ready to go an extra mile for giving our customers a very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and experience. So what are you waiting for? Walk in to our salon or book us right now to get all the benefit.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

massage therapy London

The term massage is not new; people have been visiting the massage salons in order to heal themselves for years. People chose to have massages either to relax, to strengthen their immune system or to heal themselves internally. But when it comes to choosing a massage salon, chose wisely, as there are many fake massage salons opened up everywhere. There is one such salon that you can rely on providing the best massage therapy in London and the name is balance London in the UK. They provide different types of massages like classic massage, slimming massages, and last but not the least lymphatic drainage massage in London. They provide the best massage therapy as they hire the qualified and best therapists who know their job, for this purpose. They will make you feel relax and will give you a home based environment and will remove all of your worries and problems of any sort. Their main purpose is to help you and be there for you whenever you need them. In their massage therapy, they use different kinds of essential oils, creams, and honey and are of the best quality, and are also cheap in terms of pricing.

Now let us see the different benefits the lymphatic drainage massage provides and these benefits are as follows:
1.    Aids in the discharge of weariness or tiredness
2.    Helps and reduces pain, heal fractures of the bones
3.    Helps in the strengthening of the immune system of the body, to help fight various diseases.
4.    Heals the damages that occur after any type of surgery is conducted.
5.    It helps in soothing and relaxing pregnant women cramps, pains, and swelling.
6.    Helps in relieving your stress and relaxes your mind and body.
7.    Helps in regaining your strength and body posture
8.    Helps in releasing of your body toxins and fats to give you a perfect body.
9.    Helps you get over your insomnia and depression problems.
10.    Increase the circulation of the blood in your body.
11.     Increases the flexibility of your muscles to make you look and feel younger than ever.
As we see how many benefits we can easily get only by getting this kind of massage. It is the most popular type of massage among individuals belonging to various professions like athlete’s, gymnasts, housewife and an office worker. And it has proven to be very beneficial for them. This salon is the only one all over in London that provides high quality and professional massages. They believe in one thing and that is to heal our customer and solve their various issues and that is exactly people usually wish for, to have a healthy mind and body.

We live in a world where we have to move and work constantly in order to survive in this world, otherwise, this place will become so difficult for you to live in. For this purpose, you need to have a good healthy body with a mind. We work day and night just to support our family and forget our own needs. During this process we do not realize that our body is deteriorating and needs to be fixed from inside, we tend to ignore it because it is not visible. So we should not do this to our precious body and should maintain it properly, and the only way to do is to visit massage salons along with the gyms for physical fitness. And this massage salon is deliberately opened up for this purpose and its trained employees are there to help you and give you a memorable experience of your lifetime.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Massage Salon London

We all are busy in our lives, we have to fulfill several obligations in our daily routine like bringing groceries, pick and drop children from school, office work etc. and in all of this, we forgot about ourselves, our well-being. It is a fact that we do not find time for ourselves and because of this our body, mentally and physically is deteriorating. We feel stressed out, anxiety, fatigue, and depression and could not find a reason as to why this is happening and what to do about it. We start to rely on medication, which gives us a temporary relief and we become totally dependent on it. And this is not, a good solution to opt for, so what should we do? The answer is we should get a massage, which refers to as an application of gentle strokes on the specific problem areas of the body that will help in solving all of our mental and physical problems. It is necessary that we should make time out of our busy schedule for a good massage at least once a week and make it a habit.
So the next question is from where to get a good and professional massage and the answer is Balance Massage & Wellness. It is one of the best massage salons in London and has very skilled, qualified and professional therapists. These professionals are trained, have knowledge about all types of massages and gives perfect massage therapy in Central London. You just need to tell them the problem you are having and leave the rest to them, as they will then know exactly what to do. 

Their friendly gesture will make you feel like you are in your own home.
There are many benefits that a massage can give you both physically and mentally. These benefits are:
1.    Helps in reducing back pains, body pains, and migraines.
2.    Increases the flow in the circulation of blood.
3.    Increases the lymphatic drainage circulation system that helps in the healing process.
4.    Increases body flexibility.
5.    Helps in reducing tensions, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.
6.    Lowers the high blood pressure of the body.
7.    Relaxes your muscles after a heavy gym works out.
8.    Helps in relaxing your mind and improving its memory retention.
9.    Helps in reducing the soreness and swelling of the body that occurs during pregnancy.
10.    Helps in healing of the scars that occurs after having a surgery.
11.    Improving your immune system that will protect you from having a flu, fever, and cold.
12.    Helps in reducing the sinuses problems.
All of the above-mentioned benefits give us a proof about the importance of getting a good massage therapy, as it will help in solving all of your problems and will reduce your dependency on medications. This massage salon in Central London provides various types of different massages that are listed below:
1.    Swedish Massage Therapy
2.    Aromatherapy Massage
3.    Hot Stone Massage
4.    Deep Tissue Massage
5.    Slimming treatments
6.    Lymphatic Drainage Massage
7.    Sports Massage
8.    Pregnancy Massage
9.    Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
10.    Head, Face, and Neck Massage
11.    Feet Massage

All of these different types of massages tackle different areas of your body and are for different purposes. And all the people, belonging to different professions in the society can have these massage therapies. The prices that we offer are competitive and reasonable. Our shop also provides the best services all over in London and our reputation shows that how popular we are. To satisfy our customers and reach to their expectations is the main goal of the company.